Elon Musk (supposedly) fired a software developer at Twitter for tweeting in disagreement with him about a technical problem at Twitter. Here are my thoughts on it being a software developer myself.

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In a software developer interview, the questions you ask to the interviewer are just as important as the questions they ask you. 🙋🏾‍♂️ Here are top 5 questions to ask when interviewing for a software developer position.

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A while back I implemented the “Stripe Checkout” JavaScript SDK into a React Native mobile app I was working on. Here's are the details.

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Went live to do a coding challenge from Leetcode.com called “Valid Anagram”.

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Here’s one of the best ways to share “pretty” snippets of code online: Carbon.now.sh

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Did you know that you can quickly create and run scheduled ‘jobs’ with Node.js? I needed to create a scheduled/repeated job that sends an email digest to my app users once a day. I decided to learn and try Node.js to set up the same thing. It works great!

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The “When I text you..” meme, but with a tech/coding spin.

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⁣What should you wear to coding interviews? Here’s one of my first interview outfits versus one of my work outfits now 😅⏳

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Trying to get a software development job, but feel like lack of experience is hurting you? 💡 Ideas: 1. try creating your own software development experience by creating your own apps/services, or 2. freelancing.

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Refactoring is the process of restructuring existing code (changing the factoring) without changing its external behavior. Here are 6 tips for refactoring code.

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