What's the 'top' programming language? Well, I asked coders on Instagram

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According to GitHub usage data, the “top” programming languages currently are:
1. JavaScript
2. Python
3. Java
4. TypeScript
5. C#
6. PHP
7. C++
8. C

I wanted to know what other coders thought though!
Just for fun! Not to say that any language is “better”; all the languages are great tools for all their various purposes/scenarios.

So in my Instagram stories last week I created a tournament-style bracket with all the languages, using the GitHub usage data to seed them in order 1 through 8.
Here’s how that went…

Round 1:
— JavaScript beat C with 88%
— TypeScript beat C# with 51%
— Java beat PHP with 73%
— Python beat C++ with 81%

Round 2:
— JavaScript beat TypeScript with 77%
— Python beat Java with 75%

Final Round:
— JavaScript beat Python with 64%

Winner: JavaScript! ☕️

Any major surprises to you??

⁉️ What are your favorite programming languages to use?

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