A 'Nike Foamposites' mobile app I developed was finally accepted by Apple

Kelvin Graddick · 1 minute read ·     
I’m happy to announce that after numerous attempts, an app I’d created, “Foamlicious”, has been accepted and is for sale on the Apple App Store. We actually developed this app a few years ago and this past summer attempted to rebrand the app for a new owner; it didn’t go well. ⠀

Apple repeatedly rejected the new version of the app due to it not being backed by Nike and it not having enough “app-like” features 😡. After renaming the app, clearly stating the non-affiliation with Nike all over the app, and adding a barcode scanner (pretty dope), Apple finally accepted the app.⠀

Foamlicious is the ultimate app for Foamposite shoes where you can find all the past Foamposites from the last 20 years as well as future releases. Plus, this app can do so much more:
· Get updates (push notifications) when foams restock, for release dates, prices, and other general news
· Scan a shoe box barcode to search for it in the app and to check it's authenticity
· Add foams to your favorite list (synced over iCloud to all your devices).
· Add upcoming releases/dates to your device calendar
· Share foams over AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Facebook, etc.
· Find matching apparel for your shoes.

To develop the app, I used the following tech-stack:
· Google Cloud Platform (server/hosting)
· Windows Server (server OS)
· Microsoft IIS (server software)
· MySQL (database)
· PHP (web API)
· Xamarin / C# (mobile app)

To summarize, I created a MySQL database/table to store all the shoes, exposed the table for querying/mutation via a PHP Web API, and created the actual app using the Xamarin cross-platform framework. The news articles are sourced from various Foamposite-related RSS feeds and entered into a database table by a PHP script that runs routinely. The push notifications are all done through a free API/service called OneSignal.⠀

Sometimes software development doesn’t always go as smoothly as we hope but it’s so rewarding in the end when we keep pushing through. 🏆

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