Development technologies and frameworks that I’ve learned this past year 🧠 · 1 minute read ·     
As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share some of the development technologies and frameworks that I’ve learned this past year. 🧠
2020 has indeed been a year like no other, but I was able to reclaim a lot of time and use it to further my development skillset.

Here is some of what I learned:


A service for accelerating and scaling app development without managing infrastructure. It provides user auth, databases, notifications, machine learning all without needing to manage the backend servers yourself.
I've used it with two mobile apps so far:
➤ Firebase Machine Learning image-to-text processing to scan insurance card text and find the matching health provider; for a doctor booking app
➤ Firebase Auth and Cloud Firestore as the full backend for another React Native app to provide user login as well as store plant data.


A document-oriented database program that classifies as NoSQL. It uses JSON-like documents with an optional loose schema to store data. It's extremely flexible and scalable.
So far, I've used it as the datastore for:
➤ an educator's search web app
➤ a video game wagering web app

React Native

A cross-platform (iOS/Android) framework for building native mobile apps using the React Javascript framework. It allows for code reuse, component-based structure, and painless UI/UX.
So far, I've used it for:
➤ a plant management mobile app
➤ a doctor booking mobile app


A Vue framework for generating a SEO-friendly (server-side rendered or static), multi-page website based on a Vue application. Nuxt greatly simplifies Vue app development with pre-built modules.
So far, I’ve used it to build a few multi-page web apps:
➤ a video game wagering website
➤ an IT business website
➤ an educator platform


A utility-first CSS framework that 'gets out of the way'. It provides utility classes like pt-4 and text-center so that the user can rapidly compose any UI they'd like.
So far, I've used it for two web apps:
➤ a video game wagering website
➤ an IT business website

Onward to more skillset building in 2021 🚀.
⁉️ What’s something notable that you’ve learned within the past year?

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