Creating The Perfect Business Logo Online

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One of the hardest parts of creating your brand is deciding on your logo and colour scheme. Remember that once you choose your logo this will be what you are associated with for the rest of your career. It is a decision which can change the way your audience sees you and also influence how easily they will find you.

The creation of the perfect logo will include choosing some great colours, using an app such as Logo Design by FittDesign, and making sure that it is simple and easily recognised. Here is how you can do it…


Color is a very subjective thing which can heavily impact the way your brand comes across to your audience. Color will often depict an emotion or feeling and it will make an impression with people in this way. For example, red is seen as passionate and bold, whereas a light blue is seen as calm, happy and peaceful. You can check what color will suit the type of business you own and this will have an effect on your overall look.

Avoid Clichés

As the times change and people adapt, you will notice a trend appearing with logos and different types of design becoming more and more popular. If you want to avoid seeming like just another fad brand, you need to avoid trends. Even if everyone else is currently using a particular style of design- it will eventually become tired and it won’t be popular anymore.

Make it unique

It is incredibly important if you want to become a household name that you make a unique logo which people immediately recognise as yours. For example one of the most popular logos in the world is black and white, and it is a panda. As soon as we think of a panda, the brand will likely come into our minds right away. Inc add you don’t know the brand we are talking about, it is the World Wildlife Fund. Creating a unique design which is easily recognised is the key to success.

Have fun with font

If you plan on using your company name alongside the logo, you will want to make sure you choose a great font. For example the most famous logo in the world is the Coca Cola Logo. This font is completely unique to the brand and is unmistakable to anyone who sees it. You can look at font websites such as Dafont and have some fun finding the one which is best for you and your company. You can then play around with the colour of your logo and whether or not you want to add a background to the design.

Simple is best

Logos are meant to be a simple representation of your brand and an easy way for people to remember you and recognise you. They do not need to be anything complicated or too artistic- they instead need to be simple, fresh and unique. Sometimes the most effective logo you can come up with is a simple symbol. Look at some of the most popular brands in the world: Apple is a white Apple; McDonald’s is a yellow M; and Nike is a tick. If you can find a simple symbol which is related to your brand, you are onto a winner instantly.

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