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⁣Do you perform and receive code reviews ? 🕵🏾‍♂️
A code review is a development quality assurance activity in which one or more developers view the source code written by another developer.

It’s purposes include, but are not limited to:
— improve code quality
— find defects earlier
— improve team knowledge of code base
— optimize for best solutions
— maintain compliance (team standards, testing coverage, security, accessibility, etc.)

Here’s a code review checklist to start with:


◻️ is the solution solving for all possible use cases ?
◻️ is the solution overly complex ?
◻️ are the correct design pattern(s) applied?
◻️ is there separation of concerns and modularity ?
◻️ is this the best approach ?


◻️ can you easily understand this code?
◻️ is following the team, framework, and/or language conventions ?
◻️ does the file and class/variable/method naming all make sense?
◻️ is the code documented ? (comments; tech docs)

Error Handling

◻️ does the logic have potential to produce errors ?
◻️ are errors handled and reported appropriately?
◻️ is there proper error logging ?


◻️ any way to reduce complexity to improve performance?
◻️ any unnecessary code or duplicated execution?
◻️ are expensive operations like network requests and database calls used smartly?
◻️ any unnecessary looping or condition checks?
◻️ can the solution scale ?


◻️ are configuration values being used where needed?
◻️ is there proper info/warning logging for debugging?
◻️ is unit/automation test coverage maintained?
◻️ can the code easily be extended if needed?


◻️ is the authorization and authentication correct?
◻️ any security issues like input injections, cross-site scripting, etc.?
◻️ are any exploited third-party libraries/services being used?

⁉️ What’s something you check for during code reviews?

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