Do you want to build an app from scratch? Steal one of my favorite tech stacks right now

Kelvin Graddick · 1 minute read ·     

Do you want to build an app from scratch? Here’s one of my favorite tech stacks right now to build a web application/platform.

If you like JavaScript, then this stack might be for you as it’s a lot of JS on the frontend and backend.

Here it is: Vue.js / Nuxt.js / Node.js / Express.js / MongoDB / Windows Server / Google Cloud Platform / GitHub Actions


  • Vue.js: Vue is a powerful, lightweight, and easy to learn/use JavaScript framework for building web apps. If you can use React, you can easily pick up Vue. I’m using it for the front-end of this web app.
  • Nuxt.js: Nuxt is a framework on top of Vue that speeds up development; providing server side rendering, generated routes, SEO/tags, etc.

website built with Vue.js and Next.jsVue.js code


  • Node.js: Node is a JavaScript runtime that runs JS code outside of a browser; often used for web services/APIs (that’s what I’m using it for here)
  • Express.js: Express is a web app and API framework for Node that I’m using to quickly build a web service/API for this. The front-end app calls this API for data retrieval, authentication, data storage, etc.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores data in JSON-like documents with dynamic structure. I’m using here to store all the users, jobs, and data for this app.
  • Windows Server: Window Server is the server OS I’m using to run the Node/Express API and MongoDB on.
  • Google Cloud Platform: GCP is the cloud computing platform from with I get the virtual Windows Server I use.
  • GitHub Actions: GitHub Actions is an automation service that I use to continuously build and deploy my API and web app every time I commit code to them (CI/CD).

MongoDB macOS appNode.js Express.js codeGitHub Actions jobWindows Server IIS


I find it interesting to think about how to build apps/platforms end-to-end full stack; hopefully it helps someone to think though something they are working on as well.

There are so many ways to achieve what you need with all the tech available today.

What tech/stacks do you typically use?

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