Best advice for big coding projects · 49 second read ·     
⁣The best advice I’ve gotten (and applied) for solving large/complex development tasks is to research and map out a solution BEFORE you start coding. 🗺

— Do the research, explore, and weigh all the potential options.
— Does this task/project lend itself to some system design pattern? Explore that.
— Don’t forget to explore existing tools and services/APIs. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
— Write/type them in some organized form (document, diagram, etc.)
— Determine the logic flow and data flow; how does data move through your solution?
— Define and diagram the different components needed and how the will work together
— Also get feedback from another dev(s) if possible.

This doesn’t have to take a long time or be a lot of writing, but even doing a little of this upfront can save a lot of time and produce better software.

👉🏾 Curious; what is your advice for tackling large development projects/tasks?
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