I'm a professional software developer who's been in the industry for ~8 years. I've built many websites, web app, mobile apps, services, APIs, and databases with ❤️.

Snippeta · iOS app
Copy, manage, and paste snippets of text to your clipboard with a single tap; no highlighting/long-tapping!
Linkify.Bio · website
Quickly provide multiple links in a social bio or ad through a single link!
Wave Link · website
Creative 3D website developed for software development company Wave Link, LLC.
GitHub · KG.codes
My personal GitHub page with more of my programming projects and contributions.
KG.codes · website
My personal/professional website, portfolio, and blog (this website 😉)
Mercedes Benz · iOS app
The mobile app for the Mercedez Benz of Columbus, GA. Vehicle listings, appointments, and news.

As we start a new year and make resolutions for various aspects of our lives, here are 4 "tech" new year resolutions you should consider!

 2 minute read

I noticed that my career had went full circle from working holiday retail at Best Buy to still supporting holiday retail in tech years later.

 1 minute read

These A.I. generated photos have recently went viral. Here are my photos and my quick take on the whole Lensa AI thing.

 55 second read

How do you guys choose between using a website builder versus custom development when developing websites? It's any important choice that can impact the quality and speed of the deliverable to the customer. Here's when and why I’d choose one over the other…

 2 minute read

Elon Musk (supposedly) fired a software developer at Twitter for tweeting in disagreement with him about a technical problem at Twitter. Here are my thoughts on it being a software developer myself.

 43 second read

In a software developer interview, the questions you ask to the interviewer are just as important as the questions they ask you. 🙋🏾‍♂️ Here are top 5 questions to ask when interviewing for a software developer position.

 2 minute read

A while back I implemented the “Stripe Checkout” JavaScript SDK into a React Native mobile app I was working on. Here's are the details.

 1 minute read

Went live to do a coding challenge from Leetcode.com called “Valid Anagram”.

 57 second read

Here’s one of the best ways to share “pretty” snippets of code online: Carbon.now.sh

 45 second read

Did you know that you can quickly create and run scheduled ‘jobs’ with Node.js? I needed to create a scheduled/repeated job that sends an email digest to my app users once a day. I decided to learn and try Node.js to set up the same thing. It works great!

 1 minute read