Why we neglect our LinkedIn profiles and why we shouldn’t

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Over the years, LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for our personal brand. With millions of members, it is essential that we maintain a strong presence on the social network in order to stay out in front of possible professional opportunities. This makes keeping our LinkedIn profiles updated just as important as keeping our resumes updated.

Nevertheless, many neglect their LinkedIn profiles (I know I have) and some have yet to create one. Let’s look at some of the reasons we ignore our LinkedIn profiles and why we are wrong in doing so.

Why we neglect our LinkedIn profiles

  • We already have a job so we think our profile has already accomplished what it needed to; no need to update it more.
  • We think there is no possibility of getting/losing a job via LinkedIn
  • We think no one ever looks at it
  • We are still in college so we are more worried about passing classes and enjoying the college life

Why we should keep our LinkedIn profiles updated

- It’s your online resume

Many employers and recruiters will also look at your LinkedIn profile during the hiring process to more easily share who you are or to look for endorsements from previous employers. Having connections to previous employees and coworker is an easy way to prove to future employees that you worked where you said to worked and did what you said you did.

LinkedIn is a recruiting tool

Many companies and recruiting agencies are looking for talent and posting job opportunities directly on LinkedIn. I have personally had plenty of recruiters/employers contact me on LinkedIn from organically searching for my specific talents or through my network on LinkedIn.

It shows up high in search results for your name

If someone searches for you for ANY reason your LinkedIn profile is usually on the first page of results. Any legit employer WILL search your name and you want them to find clean, updated content that matches the professional brand you want to portray.

- It has a picture of you on it

It is very possible that your LinkedIn photo will be the first physical impression that a possible employer sees of you. Be sure that your picture/profile is updated, professional, and gives them no reason to think you are not the one for the job before you even get a call. 

You could be missing out on opportunities

Just by simply keeping your profile updated, the people in your network know what your current skills and experiences are. Any opportunities that come their way could come your way too if they see that you fit the bill. On the other end, you will be in prime position to capitalize on possible opportunities from your network. 

It prepares you for the future

Whether you are still in college, looking for a job, or already have a job, having an updated LinkedIn profile prepares you for the unexpected professional events of life. Your profile could help you get a good internship in college that could ensure your a job after graduation. If you are suddenly fired from your current job, you don’t want to waste valuable job search time updating your profile. Keeping your profile consistently updated can also create a valuable backlog of opportunities and professional contacts.

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