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We've all had those moments where we getting ready to go out for the day, only to realize that our phone is on 5% battery. Ugh. 
If you are an iPhone user, there are ways to ease the pain when you need a quick charge that will last. 

1. Charge the iPhone using an iPad power adapter/brick

If you have an iPad power adapter, you can use it to charge your iPhone in a substantially shorter amount of time. Don't worry; this will not hurt your phone. Apple has stated that this is a valid, safe way to charge the iPhone. The iPad power adapters are 10 or 12W instead of 5W like the normal iPhone adapter, so more power is delivered per second. Get a cheap iPad power brick HERE or below:

2. Turn on Airplane mode

Airplane mode will turn off ALL the wireless capabilities on your iPhone; Wi-Fi, bluetooth, AND cellular. While on, the wireless radios for these features are sharing the incoming power with your battery. Turning them off with Airplane mode will make sure more power goes to the battery. This might not always be a viable option but it gets the job done if you can live without internet/phone/bluetooth for a while. If you absolutely cannot turn on Airplane Mode, it helps to at least turn off what you can.

3. Don't turn on the screen or use the phone

The iPhone's display, making phone calls, and/or using apps burn up a lot of power. Try to leave your phone alone while it's charging to let the battery get all of the power it can. If you absolutely need to use the phone turn down the screen brightness.

4. Turn the phone off

If you can bare it, the best way to make sure that the battery is getting every last drop of power is to turn the iPhone completely off.

5. Do it all!

It's worth mentioning that most of these techniques are stackable and will make your iPhone charge even faster if all executed together. If you only have a few minutes to charge your phone this is your best option. Your iPhone should charge at least twice as fast!

We hope these techniques come in handy for you. Let us know what you think and what ways you have found to charge your iPhone quickly!

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